New ‘GODZILLA’ Clip: Let Them Fight!

let them fight!

Okay so yeah this clip pretty much confirms that there is going to be some Godzilla versus Other Big Monster Fuckers action in the new flick. And that!, my friends!, has my geek dick!, hard! (My regular dick stopped getting hard after the Slurpee Machine Accident of 1997.)

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roaring roar

So if I’m interpreting this latest gnarly trailer correctly, Godzilla is going to do a Face turn in this movie? Be relied upon to beat some Kaiju ass?

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‘GODZILLA’ Japanese Trailer: Destruction In The Lizard-King’s Native Tongue!


First a dope Godzilla poster today, and now this? Aww yiggity yeah, fuck faces! It’s less than a month until Lizard-King featuring Scarlet Witch, Walter White and more drops on these shores. There may be no better way to continue to perpetuate the MUCH EXCITE than to bask in another trailer for the flick. This one! In Japanese!

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‘GODZILLA’ Extended Trailer: The Lizard King Will Make You Shit


Okay, so everything coming out of the Godzilla camp fucking owns. Even this trailer, despite the fact that it uses the cheap “animal running to safety” and “people climbing on cars away from Dangerous Element X” tropes. All the rest of it more than compensates.

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