‘Jurassic World’ Super Bowl Trailer: Ridin’ With The DinoSquad

So okay. I’m pretty much down with this movie until proven otherwise. It’s got the goddamn Star-Lord riding with a DinoSquad, ready to take on the most dangerous dinosaur ever: ScienceT-RexGeneticSpliceRoar. Or whatever they’re calling it.

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‘Uncharted 4’ Gameplay Video: 2015 Is Far Away

Uncharted 4

I fucking miss you, Nathan Drake. And when I see you in next-gen glory, your absence in my life is felt as a physical hunger. I need you. Your half-tuck. Your unkempt neck hair. Your gunplay.

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Matt Fraction on ‘Hawkguy’, his career dying, and a dog saving him

Matt Fraction.

It is little secret around here that Matt Fraction ain’t just one of my favorite comic book creators. He’s a source of genuine inspiration and resiliency, and I follow his travels in ways that may be “unhealthy” and “borderline obsessive.” Okay. Whatever. So forgive me if this post really doesn’t fit in anywhere (though to be fair This Site is Me and I Am This Site). But I stumbled across this really fucking outstanding diatribe from Fraction detailing him falling into Hawkguy‘s first issue. It’s tremendous. He admits what I was sort of worrying about at the time (his career dying), once again somehow conjures tragedy into art, and continues to generally move me.

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