‘Destiny’ Launch Trailer: Nips-Tightening Rockitude


This trailer gave me hard nipples. I’m not even kidding. Destiny. From object of my scorn, to object of my juicy-panties lust. Here’s the fucking launch trailer.

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New ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Trailer: He Is Groot, I Am Sprung


This movie needs to get inside me already.

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‘FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON’ is the 80’s SCI-FI METAL VOMIT you need.

Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is everything a science-fiction heavy metal asshole like myself wants in life. It appears to be all of the Far Cry 3 that blew my asshole out, wrapped around a delicious sci-fi 1980s motif. If this is some sort of April Fool’s joke, someone is getting punched right in the fucking neck. We’re talking crushed something-suches in their spinal column and shit.

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