DC Comics announces new marketing campaign, “DC You” to spotlight diversity in creators, stories, and characters


While I don’t really fuck with DC on the norm, I’m digging their upcoming push of diverse creators, characters, and talent. Their post-Convergence line-up is bringing fresh faces both fictionally and creatively, and I’m excited to actually get back into their Universe. I mean, I’ll check out anything Gene Luen Yang is writing, or Annie Wu is drawing. So I’m sold.

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DC Comics announces BOMB ASS diverse post-‘Convergence’ slate of comics


It appears that Marvel and DC are getting into a little bit of a diversification Arms Race. Works for me. DC has announced they’re nixing the “New 52” label after the upcoming event, Convergence. Following that MEGASPLOSIONVENT they’re unleashing a torrent of new titles. And baby, some of them are tasty. Black Canary drawn by Annie Wu? Fuck yeah. Section Eight by Garth Ennis and John McCrea? Constantine written by Ming Doyle and drawn by Riley fucking Rossmo? Word.

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