NASA has detected an FM Radio Signal coming from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. Claim it’s “natural signal” yeah okay!

nasa fm radio signal jupiter moon

That’s right, motherfuckers. NASA has announced they’ve detected an FM radio signal coming from Ganymede. The eggheads claim it’s a “natural signal” but don’t be a rube. This is how the good shit starts. Monoliths and shit. Let’s go.

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Hubble catches Jupiter straight mean muggin’

Jupiter straight muggin'

Goddamn Jupiter. It’s just straight mean muggin’ us in this picture. I suppose you can’t blame it. Not only is it GIANT AS FUCK (1,000 Earths could fit inside), but it also serves as the bulwark for this Blue Marble. Making sure errant bullshit don’t relentlessly smash into us. So go ahead, Jupiter. Mean mug.

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