Street Art Group Trusto Corp Humorously Points Out How Dumb We Are

I first came across Trusto Corp over at Super Punch, and spent the good part of Saturday following them across the web via links and references. Oh, hypertextuality! Let me tell you something. Everything is definitely probably interconnected. What the fuck is Trusto Corp, exactly? According to dailyDuJour, they’re a street art collective that debuted last year at Miami’s Art Basel. And over the weekend, Trusto put on a show at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. Now, I’m a fat, dorky kid who sits in a basement, and doesn’t live in the chic metropolis of Los Angeles. However, thanks to the power of the internet (and Super Punch, and dailyDuJour, and Gallery1988), I was able to check out their work.

It’s amazing, humorous, and painfully correct.

Corp subversively leverages American consumption through the manipulation of our good old leviathan known as Marketing. They riff on familiar feeling logos, such as “Tide” and despite typing this in my Gap jeans, while sipping a chemically-soaked soda, I was amused. While all too aware of how shitty I am. Or we are. Or maybe we aren’t. Whatever, I chuckled.

Hit the jump for more of Corp’s work from their show “New Americana” at Gallery1988, and if you’re in Los Angeles, hit it up for me.

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