God Bless America: Bobcat Goldthwait’s License to Kill

Bobcat Goldthwait has been writing and directing hit-or-miss films since 1991’s Shakes the Clown. Since then he’s been developing himself as an honest and unique voice in American comedy. He took a big leap in the right direction with 2006’s Sleeping Dogs Lie, establishing himself as formidable American filmmaker. 2009’s World’s Greatest Dad was something special – an incredibly dark and human film. How does his latest film fare? Find out after the jump.

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Anonymous Has Sworn To Take Down Fox News. So…We Take Them Seriously?

Anonymous is now directing their All-Seeing-Eye towards Fox News. Again? I can’t remember if they’ve targeted them before. They’re a bit peeved at the channel for their handling of the Occupy movement. My question is, does anyone take them seriously anymore?

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