Watch/Listen: Chocobo Theme performed in ‘Stardew Valley’ with drum and flute blocks

Stardew Valley seems like the kind of game that would consume my wife’s life, if it was out for iOS. I haven’t played, and I’m not sure I’d enjoy it, but I certainly respect it, and the community it has engendered. Here’s a member of the community throwing it back to the classic Chocobo Theme.

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Cosplay: That one ‘Final Fantasy VII’ scene where Cloud gives Aeris a burial thing

Dope Art: ‘BioShock’ goes ‘Final Fantasy’ logo

BioShock x Final Fantasy

‘FINAL FANTASY’ creator Hironobu Sakaguchi to reveal NEW PROJECT next week

Hironobu Sakaguchi

Hironobu Sakaguchi is getting ready to drop his project on the Gaming World’s Collective Ass. What is this drop going to look like? I imagine a well-lathered, completely tanned elbow drop from the proverbial top rope. In other words, I have no idea and my imagination is running wild.

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Here’s some Rule 63 Squall Leonhart cosplay for you on this lovely day. Unless it’s sleeting and shit where you live. In which case, use this wonderful cosplay as a salve on the burning wounds of inclement weather.

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April Fools: Google Maps Goes 8-Bit

Confession time sans any shame: When I was a wee boy, I would run around in my backyard, sword-stick in hand, playing in imaginary worlds that were mostly inspired by the 8-bit NES maps in Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. These worlds, grand for a little awesome kid, offered the perfect bird’s-eye view of spatial possibilities, offsetting where you could and could not go–that is, until a major weapon, accessory, magic, or tip was found that would be duly employed to blast through any and all obstacles. Needless to say, life was good. But now that I am old and boring and my penchant for whimsically running around in my backyard returns to me only when I am drunk or deranged, such fancies have passed from my everyday existence–until now. Clearly on a similar wavelength, the gamers behind Google Maps dropped an 8-bit April Fools masterpiece on the world. Take a bird’s-eye view after the jump.

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Cosplay: Jecht From FINAL FANTASY Has That Otherworld Tribal Rockin’

[Via | Cosplayed by  JFamily]

‘Mass Effect’ Goes ‘Final Fantasy 7’ With Sexy Low-Poly Models.

Polycount forum user Nix  has created a set of low-polygon Mass Effect models. It’s a smash-up of my favorite game ever, and possibly my favorite franchise this generation. Hell yes.

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Chocobos Hit Puberty, Grow Huge, Sport Rebellious Haircuts in Final Fantasy XIII


Oh shit, chocobos have turned thirteen. And just like a teenager, chocobos have grown fucking huge, and sport amazing, cheesy mohawks. I fucking dig their new look. They’re goddamn enormous, they dwarf the baddies seen in this scan, and they cum in their pants while they sleep. I may have made that last part up. They actually cum in the hay in the barns they sleep in. Click the picture for the entire scan.

New FFXIII Character Proves Square Names Their Cast While Drunk


Oh shit, a new Final Fantasy XIII character! What’s her name?!?!

Oorba Yun Fang.

No seriously Ian, what’s her name!

Oorba Yun Fang

Square, what the fuck! Seriously, this ridiculousness with your names is getting awful. It’s almost Tekken bad. Well, Fing Fang Foom can summon Bahamut, and she’s also got a retarded tribal tattoo like half the guys at your local gym!

Fing Fang Foom was revealed in a trailer last month or some shit, and you can check out the scan she’s featured in by clicking on this link.