Weekend Open Bar: Thankfully, Your GlitchedSoul was CloudSaved

glitch save

Ah yeah, you did it, buddy! You made it through the first week of the new year. All them holidays are over with, and so your laissez faire attitude can no longer be blamed on festivities. Instead you’re going to need to bury the truth deep down — you’re tired of your unrewarding job in the SpiceMines, and the nominal-at-best pay bumps and feigned annual recognition by the CzarLords that run your job from DigiSpace.

It’s depressing, but you’re not alone. For one, it’s the weekend. For two, this is Weekend Open Bar! A watering hole buried deep in the swollen cyst in the synapses of the CyberRot of the Universe’s Grey Matter. All of us are here! Waiting for you!

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Weekend Open Bar: il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux, Hawkguy

my laser disc!

This is Weekend Open Bar. Where we get together and share what we are up to during a given weekend. What we are going to watch, eat, play, contemplate. Here, let me share.

I have felt like a Man Unmoored this year. Not Billy Pilgrim levels, but close. Ian Omega has come unstuck in Existence. I am a man of routine, I find comfort in it. Every day I stop at the same convenience store on the way to work. I buy the same exact thing. Every weekend morning I take the same car ride, before going to the gym. I enjoy doing the same exact thing every Saturday with Bateman. I like familiarity. I like the banal. I am a boring man, but it works for me.

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