Monday Morning Commute: Slow Cook The Human Potroast

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Whoops! Late on the Monday Morning Commute tip. Didn’t realize it was going to be floating in flux this week. Then it occurred to me that Rendarbones Frankenpepsi is currently en route across the vast distance of the Empire in some sort of silver tube that is intent on dying God’s will. So provided that he doesn’t crash into the side of a Mountain (death is only a transition, he’d be reborn in Earth^42, so don’t cry), he’ll be back next week. However for now you’re dealing with my hurried, blast beat-esque rundown of what I’m enjoying this week. That’s what we do around here. In Monday Morning Commute.

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‘Enemy’ Theatrical Trailer: Bearded Gyllenhaal sees double


When I see Jake Gyllenhaal with a beard, I curse the lack of progress in the biological technologies. Don’t give me “oh we have amazing advances every day!” nonsense. I don’t want to fucking hear it. Until I can vat-grow ovaries and have Bearded Gyllenhaal’s children it is all for fucking nothing. Nothing! Seriously though — here is a trailer for Enemy. It is the second flick that Gyllenhaal has cut with Denis Villeneuve; the two of them teamed up last year for the exceptional Prisoners. After watching this trailer, I’m not entirely certain what this movie is about. And I fucking love that.

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