Asa Butterfield cast as the new ‘Spider-Man’ for Marvel and Sony


The dead-eyed kid from the terrible Ender’s Game movie is now Peter Parker.

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Monday Morning Commute: Nanobots In The Digi-Air

Monday Morning Commute.

Don’t breath too deep, friends. You see, they’re done with the fluoride in the water. That’s the old tip. They’ve moved on. Now it’s the nanobots. In the air. Infesting our cortex-bits. Prepping us for the ultimate in meta-data. Meta-cognitive data. Don’t breath too deep. Don’t breath at all, if you can help it. Reject the need for oxygen. Has anyone ever really shown you that you need it? If you didn’t believe you did? Eh? Oh — me? Off my meds? What is it to you, buster? Fuck you! No — no. Please come back. Partake in this here column. Monday Morning Commute.

The watering hole where we share the various arts we’re indulging on a given week. While we can. Before they activate nanobots.

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Ender's Game.

Despite The Dude lending me his copy of Ender’s Game something like five years ago at this point, I ain’t never read it. With this first trailer getting me a bit intrigued, it seems that now may be the time to shove this classic deep into my synapses.

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First Look: HARRISON FORD in ‘ENDER’S GAME.’ Are you excite?

I’m one of those assholes who still hasn’t read Ender’s Game, despite The Dude lending me his copy. What I did do was assuredly banish his copy to some Black Hole somewhere, after it slipped out from my car’s back seat and into infinity. Sorry dude! I love you. For those who are down with The Game, here is a first look at Harry Ford in the movie.

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Buggers Beware! Ender’s Game Is Blogging!!!

Despite the fact that Orson Scott Card is a raging homophobe, there’s no denying that Ender’s Game is one of the classics of science fiction literature. In it, a young boy named Ender Wiggin is taken to Battle School where is gifts as a strategist are revealed. His talent is used in the ongoing conflict with the “buggers” – an alien race who won’t stop fronting on the human race. It’s “sequel” Speaker for the Dead, is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Period.

After decades of planned adaptation, the book is finally coming to the big screen with Hugo‘s Asa Butterfield as the lead, Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) directing, and Roberto Orci producing. The crew has started a Tumblr so we can all follow along with the production at home. This excites me more than Taco Tuesdays or Pizza Mon-Fridays.

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