Weekend Open Bar: Knobs and Curses

knobs and curses

Weekend Open Bar! Come one, come all! Step right up into the saloon. Hang your jacket up by the fire, ignoring the blood trails. Step right up to the bar. Order your favorite drink, ignoring the bartender’s third eye. Step right up to the gathering in the corner. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend, ignoring my phlegmy laugh, and the circles under my eyes.

This is the weekly weekend column where we weakly, meekly, or enthusiastically (accounting for everything in-between) hang out. Sharing what we’re looking forward to this weekend. Be our foods, our games, our comics, our books, whatever the case! This is the place. Whatever the case!

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Weekend Open Bar: Reality’s Latest Patch Notes


I should really write these things on Thursday. In that case the column wouldn’t really be written during The Weekend when I composed it, but you would be none the wiser! Temporality is a lie! We sit upon the string, God and Her Ones looking down upon us, just a swift step to the left of linear-time-space. And we are all none the wiser! What would we do if we could perceive the non-linear linearity of our own linear-time-space! Me? I’d probably just smoke more weed and play more video games. Same as usual, just twisting the knob a bit more to the left.

Swift steps to the left, twist knobs to the right! What the fuck am I even doing here?

Oh yeah! Weekend Open Bar! The weekly one-stop outpost where all the Empresses and Emperors of their own Existential Ship can dock for a bit. Share what they’re up to during the weekend. Be it the food they’re eating, the turds they’re taking, the lovers they’re taking, the souls they’re eating. Whatever the case. The movies, books, gifs, and games!

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