Maximum Omega-Drive

New podcast up in your fucking gutsss. With a special fucking guest: Pepsibones Krueger! *Phazer sound, Phazer sound, Phazer sound* Back from his stint in the OMNIVERSE. With The Bones in Tow, the Gang Omega relocated to my compartment of the Space-Ship for this edition, and what occurred is truly the tale of two podcasts. Off the bat we vomit chunks of broken-brain about True Detective, artistic integrity, Her, how much Bateman loves to feel inspired, Ms. Marvel #1 and other bullshit. Then the booze kicks in, and what follows is generally just Pepsibones and me babbling drunkenly about Avengers,  Star Wars, and Jeremy Renner’s amazing vascularity. So it’s pretty fucking awesome.

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First LAB-GROWN KIDNEY successfully implanted into a rat. Phew. ‘Cause mine are shot.

Mad scientist wizardry.

The first lab-grown kidney has been successfully implanted into a rat. Sort of. With these sort of stories, there are caveats all over the fucking place. Still though, still! Hang. Don’t go running off. The actual story is pretty fucking outstanding.

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