Patton Oswalt Elaborates on His Caprica Gig, While I Scream


Patton Oswalt is going to be on Caprica. We already know this. When I found out, I almost went comatose. Oswalt, much to his chargin I’m sure, is a hero amongst us pudgy nerds. He references X-Men in his act, he is the voice behind a Pixar film, and oh yeah – he has your dream gig, acting in a motherfuckin’ BSG spin-off. The dude is a god. A brilliant, incisive God who was probably one of the few highlights of Dollhouse this season.

I stumbled across this quote via /Film, who nabbed it from A/V Club:

I’m just going to be a sort of Jon Stewart-esque presence that’s always going to be on television in the background. I think that’s going to be the role I have, though there’s a big confrontation I have with Eric Stoltz and Paula Malcomson.

A recurring role as Caprica’s equivalent of Jon Stewart? Sign me up. I was cautious about Caprica, and how it was going to impact the re-imagined BSG mythos. But the pilot talked me off the edge – a mixture of good ole Phillip K. Dick, and Snow Crash and various obvious references. Sure, maybe the Cylons are going to end up the weepy product of a guy losing his daughter (fucking ugh), but for once I’m going to try and not hate. It’s got Moore’s blessing. And now, more importantly, it’s got fucking Patton Oswalt.

Dollhouse Adds Whedon Fanboys’ Wetdream to Cast


OMFG! Summer Glau, also known as the creepy fanboy wetdream River from Firely is joining the cast of Dollhouse.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

“(Glau) will have a recurring role as Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a secret past with Eliza Dushku’s Echo.”

Secret past? Can you say lesbian sex scenes interspersed with mind-numbing and heavy-handed exploration of identity? YES. Or probably not.
It’s ironic, right? Firefly gets canceled after one season, despite being excellent. Dollhouse, the biggest piece of shit I’ve watched on television in years gets renewed. Well done, Whedon zealots. You’ve saved this pile of high school philosophy and drama club dialogue. And your reward? Summer Glau! If anything, Whedon et company are doing a great fan service to the perennial virgins out there – getting them geeked out with appearances by first Felecia Day, and now Summer Glau. Get ready to fap, boys.