Dishonored 2: I want to play a game with real consequences.

I’m currently coming down after finishing probably my two favorites things of 2016. The series Westworld and the game Dishonored 2. That sad feeling that you know the end is near. Like a good book you can’t put down but suddenly find yourself turning the pages more slowly because you know you’re almost out. Almost out of that new experience juice. That something that is intangible until its gone and you realize you won’t get it back. That first run.

I actually slowed my play of Dishonored because I really wanted to savor the end result. I played the whole game killing as few people as possible. In a lot of cases this meant a lot of reloads, as not only is easy to accidentally kill someone but the difficulty if much higher in approaching the various scenarios the game gives you. It’s easy to toss a grenade into a room and watch the fun from 3 stories up. It’s much harder to get up close and personal to each enemies and take them out one by one. I really wanted to not only play non-lethally but also be a total ghost to the NPC. (the last part didn’t work out so well) I did however complete the game with the ‘best’ ending, as in the most positive outlook for the kingdom and our characters.

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‘Dishonored 2’ Impressions: Assassinations in Style

I’ve put a good 10 hours into Dishonored 2, so I finally feel like I can give a real first impression.

Let me say up front, I come into this franchise having not played the first game. (stealth kill me, I know!)

What immediately drew me to this game was a female protagonist. Play a female assassin in a Bioshockesque aesthetic while performing gorgeous murder death kills? YES PLZ. After watching the first gameplay trailer, I knew I had to give it a spin.

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‘Dishonored 2’ Live-Action Trailer: You Never Thought I Would Fight Back

‘Dishonored 2’ Trailer: Emily Kaldwin has no time for Robots or Goons

I cannot wait to whup ass in Dishonored 2 as Emily Kaldwin.

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‘Dishonored 2’ E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer: The Many Ways To Fell Your Foes (Again)

‘Dishonored 2’ dropping November 11, 2016

. dishonored 2.

Dishonored was a sneaky good game, one that I enjoyed and I’ve sort of forgotten about since. With Mass Effect 4 getting pushed back out of this year, I’ve been wondering what I’m going to play this early Winter. Sure, there’s Infinite Warfare, and (maybe) FF XV in September. But what else? Why, now I have an answer! Dishonored!

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Bethesda announces a presser for E3 2016; most delicious!

‘Fallout 4′ Live-Action Trailer: Welcome Home!

Last year at their presser, Bethesda dropped Fallout 4. This game has gone on to amass hundreds upon hundreds of hours in my PS4. So while I don’t anticipate a reveal of *that* magnitude on a personal level, I’m stoked to see what they bring to their presser this year.

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‘Dishonored 2’ E3 Announce Trailer: Now With Two Times As Many Assassins