Chip Zdarsky’s Zack Snyder/The Joker Tweet Wins Everything

Chip Zdarsky

Chip Zdarsky isn’t just fucking crushing it as the artist on Sex Criminals. He’s also one of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow. Madness, madness everywhere! And while I cry at what Snyder is doing to the DCU, at least Zdarsky could make me laugh for a moment.

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David S. Goyer calls She-Hulk a porn star, Martian Manhunter for virgins. DOUCHEBAG STATUS CEMENTED

David S. Goyer.

If you needed more reason to understand why I fucking loathe the DCU while avidly worship (maybe too much? I’ll admit I’m a fanboy) the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here you go. Zack Snyder is a bro with aspirations of art. David S. Goyer is a hack who actively ruins scripts, and demeans comic book fans. Here’s the latest bullshit.

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