‘Secret Wars’ #1 is Marvel’s best-selling single-day digital comic ever. In any universe.

it's a fucking SEVCRET!!!

Months of hype have prevailed! You, me, and a bunch of other dickhead slime lord wonderful humans went and bought Secret Wars #1 on Wednesday. On our digital tablet companions. Making it the best selling single-day digital comic for Marvel, ever. And I enjoyed it! I had pretty much no idea what was going on, but it has roped me in enough to enjoy the ride. Hickman Philosophy (AW, YIS) and the gorgeous artwork doing their jobs.

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Marvel Promises To Kill A Character Every Quarter. Well Then.

Marvel is on a goddamn character killing spree. They offed a member of the Fantastic Four, they’re promising to kill Spider-Man. They’re not stopping there though! No sir. According to Bleeding Cool, at “the ComicsPro retailer summit, David Gabriel, Senior Vice President of Sales at Marvel Comics has announced that as a result of the Fantastic Four sales and media coverage, Marvel are going to kill a main character every quarter.”

Well then! The death of the Fantastic Four member was one of the most emotional sequences in recent memory. Why it worked was because of how well Hickman built the entire storyline up to that moment, and then how well he executed the moment. If everything is as well done as that storyline, god fucking bless them. However, color me accordingly skeptical.