Monday Morning Commute: The Easy Winter

The Easy Winter

“Let’s keep things in perspective – it was an easy winter.”

He thought of the foals they’d lost. Breathing labored and desperate. Eyelids too gummed up to open. Hot blood draining into cold snow.

He thought of the job they’d botched. Hyperdrive malfunctioning in subzero. Automatons screaming in death throes. Too few minerals for too many men to two-time `em all.

He thought of what this life’d cost. The honor. The glory. The woman.

“Easy winter? Hombre, there ain’t no such thing.”


Welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! This is the spot for sharin’ our survival tactics, the showcasin’ of wares we’ll be relyin’ upon to survive the workweek. `Cause it’s lookin’ bad out there, folks, so if we’re goin’ to keep the gaspipes from our lips, well, then we’re goin’ to need something to keep us gaspin’ for oxygen!

I’ll start this rock’n’roll dance-off!

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Dave Chappelle Netflix Stand-Up Specials Trailer: Surprise, It’s Me!

Oh, Dave Chappelle. It’s been too long. But let’s not dwell on that now.

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Watch: Teaser For Dave Chappelle’s Two Netflix Stand-Up Specials

I…I’m suffering an inability to believe that a G.O.A.T of the comedy world is really returning. But, fuck, am I thankful for it.

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Dave Chappelle Releasing Three Comedy Specials Through Netflix

dave chappelle comedy specials netflix

Oh, happy days. And an early Christmas treat to us all. Dave Chappelle is dropping three, *three!* comedy specials through Netflix.

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