Ava DuVernay confirms Darkseid is gonna be in the ‘New Gods’ movie and we should all be stoked

ava duvernay darkseid new gods

I finished Mister Miracle on the plane to Denver last week. And, let me tell you. It’s fucking amazing. One of the lynch-pin characters of the maxi-series? Darkseid. So, I welcome the news with open fucking arms that dude is gonna be in the New Gods movie.

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New ‘Batman v Superman’ image hints at Darkseid’s presence


A new image from Batman v Superman seems to confirm that Darkseid will be making an appearance in the movie. How many characters can appear in the movie? All the characters can appear in the movie! It’s worth noting though, that the image seems to come during what has been acknowledged as a hallucination/dream sequence/thing of Batman’s. So! It appears it’s a portentous dream-hallucination-thing! Cause like, Darkseid is totally the Justice League movie’s BigBad, right?

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Rumor: DARKSEID totally the villain in ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ movie


Darkseid is going to be the villain in the upcoming Justice League movie. If you believe the rumor. Or have common sense. Or you’re secretly an employee of Warner Bros. and have had access to the script. One of those. I mean — this is obvious, ya?

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Snap! BUTCHER BILLY’S latest mash-up has Green Goblin going BIN LADEN


Butcher Billy don’t give no fucks! Despite us writhing in exhaustion at his fantastic pop-culture mash-ups, the dude continues onward. This time the artist has hung a bit of a political bent on our asses, mashing up nefarious bastards of the political world with some of the biggest baddies of the comic world. The result? Typical awesomeness.

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Rumor: DARKSEID is villain in ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ movie. Well. Duh.

Pencil this in as “fucking obvious”, friends. It is rumored that Darkseid is going to be the villain in the upcoming Justice League movie. It’s going to be great when people get Darkseid and Thanos confused, and/or begin to bicker over who is the less lame purple piece of shit big bad.

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Images & Words – Batman #702

[images & words is the comic book pick-of-the-week at OL. equal parts review and diatribe, the post highlights the most memorable/infuriating/entertaining book released that wednesday]

Spoilers Ahead. Forreal.

3. 2. 1. Blast off!

Once I’ve escaped Earth’s gravitational pull, I fire up the hyperdrive. I shoot past the moon, past Neptune, past the limits of our damn solar system. I disengage the primary thrusters and find myself in the middle an interstellar storm. I careen past stray panels and pixilated nuclear explosions and bits of what was once a moon. I could’ve sworn that I had set the proper coordinates. But my eyes are telling me different.

So are my onboard monitors. I watch the Galactic Positioning System power down, turning all of the maps and sequencers and frames of reference into nothing more than an abysmal black screen. A moment later, the GPS reboots. When the screen settles, it tells me that myth has become fact.

[You have reached Omega Level]


This week’s comic of choice is Batman #702.

I won’t lie; the decision to feature this book might be yet another testament to my dwindling sanity.

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