Here’s some Rule 63 Squall Leonhart cosplay for you on this lovely day. Unless it’s sleeting and shit where you live. In which case, use this wonderful cosplay as a salve on the burning wounds of inclement weather.

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Cosplay: Never Enough WONDER WOMAN. Never.


Some more Wonder Woman cosplay up in the house! I’m particularly smitten with the battle armor-powered Wonder Woman cosplay that seems to be more popular these days. Hell yeah. (What a wonderfully unremarkable bit of prose in here, I know.)

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Cosplay: This Silk Spectre Is Latex Smooth


Latex! Who Watches the Latex Women?! Me! I stare at them! Scribbling notes. Furiously. Oh I don’t really know what I’m talking about, okay? Okay?! Fuck you! Enjoy this cosplay.

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Cosplay: FEMALE GREEN LANTERN lights up my day. PUNZPUNZ

Green Lantern!

ALL THE SHITTY PUNZ!!! Seriously though, this is some wonderful Green Lantern cosplay. Especially given, you know, my *ahem* bodysuit fetish.

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Cosplay: X-Men’s Rogue got that deadly kiss

Rogue's Fatal Kiss

Yeah, don’t let Rogue’s lovely eyes and demeanor trick you. That kiss is going to kill your ass at worst, and at best syphon your fledgling mutant powers. Still though. Tempting.

Cosplay: Genderbent Salvador from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’


Here’s  Its-Raining-Neon killing it with some Genderbent Borderlands 2 cosplay. Insert some pun about it making me go gunzerker or something.

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Cosplay: Rockabilly Catwoman…rocks?


It’s a Good Friday…for cosplay! Oh man! I’m utterly striking out in this fucking post. Whatever. Enjoy some fantastic Catwoman cosplay.

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Cosplay: ZELDA and SHEIK are two halves of the same awesome

Zelda and Sheik

OMFG, spoiler alert or something? Yeah whatever, up your game if that shit is ruining something for you. Anyhoo – now that I’m done berating the three people who actually read this site (by accident probably), here’s some dope cosplay.

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Cosplay: Rule 63 ‘STREET FIGHTER’ cosplay to rule your Saturday

The three of them

Everything rules! C’mon and rules! Rule 63 rules! Plus that Viper lady who isn’t Rule 63. She rules!

Hit the jump for the full image. It fucking rules!

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Snow White.

Sultry Snow White going Steampunk? I say goddamn, I’m sold! My gears are grinding, generating heat. Heat turns to steam! Steam turns my metaphors into shit!

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