DAVID CRONENBERG calls ‘THE DARK KNIGHT’ movies boring, verbally impales the genre.

Well shit. You have to hand it to David Cronenberg. Dude isn’t afraid to come out of the gate spitting hot fire everywhere, mercilessly mowing down pop culture sacred cows. Even though I disagree with the dude, fuck it. He has earned his place in my heart, and even if I disagree I have to respect the man’s musings.

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‘COSMOPOLIS’ U.S. TRAILER: Madness of the Mind, I Say Yes

Here’s the U.S. trailer for Cosmopolis. I continue to have no idea what the actual plot of the flick is, nor do I care if said plot is particularly muscular. Sign me up.

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Robert Pattinson Recreates Scenes From CRONENBERG’S VIDEODROME & SCANNERS. The Ill Na-Na.

Listen Robert Pattinson you seem like you got yourself some acting chops. Imma forgive you for starring in Vampire Cinematic Pukepile  just based on the fact that you’re doing a Cronenberg flick, and even upgrade you to dope status for these pictures. Duder recreated scenes from two of my faves Videodrome  and Scanners. How can I hate on that? I can’t. I won’t.

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‘COSMOPOLIS’ FULL TRAILER Drops: Cronenberg Madness Returns

The full trailer for Cosmopolis  has arrived, and it is stacked to the tits with everything that’s caused me to fall in love with the direct recently. Recently? Pah! I know, I suck. At least it occurred at all.

Hit the jump to check it out as well as some info. Cannes!

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New Pics Of Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti And Juliette Binoche In Cronenberg’s ‘COSMOPOLIS’. I’m Ready.

I can’t wait for Cronenberg’s next effort Cosmopolis. 2012 could be accurately describe as “the year Caff-Pow become utterly insane with butt-lust for Carpenter and Cronenberg”, and these pictures have me taping my TV controller to my head and screaming “Long live the new flesh!” while the neighbors gaze in horror into my yard.

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First Teaser For Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS Puts Our Pattison Fears to Rest

For those of you who have been missing the David Cronenberg of yore – the kinky philosopher with a camera who brought the world The Brood, Videodrome, and Crash – the first teaser for Cosmopolis is here and it’s infused with flashes of physical taboos. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of Cronenberg’s output since he went “soft” with Eastern Promises up through last year’s A Dangerous Method, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t eager for some more body-horror-kink.

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