The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 High 5s


So here we are, at the end.  We made it.  I mean, I did all the hard work and you totally just stood there and made snide remarks.  However, I am willing to put the discrepancy over the division of labor aside.  You see, this was as much my journey as it was yours.  What good are my words on the screen if there is no one to read them?  What good are my thoughts and opinions if I don’t get to discuss them with intelligent people?  The answer is that they are nothing.  Just as the gladiators of old fought for the cheers of the mob of Rome, so too do we write for adulation of the invisible specters of the internet.  I want to thank you all for taking this trip with me.  I wouldn’t have made it without you.  So without further ado I present for the approval of the midnight society, my final scheduled High 5 … My top 5 top 5s.

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BUTCHER BILLY inserts old-school MARVEL ART into superhero movies.

This is some outrageously fantastically swell endeavoring, right here.  Artist Butcher Billy has taken old school Marvel artwork and interjected it into movies from the House of Ideas. The results are disjointed bliss.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Most Important Comic Adaptations

In celebration of me attending my first ever Comic Con this weekend, I figured I may as well tie my High 5 into the category of comics.   Problem is, I’m a comic lackey.   I’m not out there discovering new comics; I’m not hip to the indy artists or things that have buzz.   When it comes to comics, I do what I’m told.   Oh I have to read Preacher, ok.   Oh, Planetary is awesome?   Sure I’ll read it.   I have to read Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, ok, I’ll buy them.   So then how do I connect my shitty poser comic geek self to the world of the REAL comic geeks?   Through movies of course!

What I have here are my top 5 important comic movies.   Don’t agree?   Then come and argue the point with me at Boston Comicon.   I’ll be at the 5 & Dime Table both days.

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New ‘AVENGERS’ Pics Are Busty, Brooding, Smokey. FLAWLESS.

Oh hell yeah! Someone has delved into the Nethers and uncorked the Avengers  Hype Machine. It’s showering us with promotional images, though most of them are just the gorgeous crew looking gorgeous if not a bit angsty. This newest batch is more of the same, with a bit of a Black Window push-up bra stylee.

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