Cosplay: This Catwoman got that ‘Batman Returns’ sultriness


Some pretty fantastic Catwoman cosplay. And yeah, if you know me, you know: dear god all that latex.

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Cosplay: Rockabilly Catwoman…rocks?


It’s a Good Friday…for cosplay! Oh man! I’m utterly striking out in this fucking post. Whatever. Enjoy some fantastic Catwoman cosplay.

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Cosplay: Catwoman perches, I quietly moan to myself.


Ah. Saturday. I can take my time with this picture. Gross. Get it? What I’m implying? I’m a pig. Carry on.

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Cosplay: BATMAN and CATWOMAN bring the latex and muscles to your dome-piece.

I vote yes. Batman is totally jacked, and trying to hold in a fart. ‘Cause despite what you may have heard, he doesn’t have the Catwoman on lockdown. Yet.

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Cosplay: CATWOMAN comes courtesy of Dragon*Con. We all fist-pump in enjoyment.

Someone up there likes me. I vote yes.

Cosplay: DOUBLE CATWOMAN, what could it mean?! Latex euphoria, yo.

My Dark Knight…is rising! I know, terrible pun. Whatever. Leave me alone. It’s God-Damn Bat-Man week, and I can barely hold it together as-is.

Cosplay: Catwoman Is Always A LATEX DREAM

[Via | Cosplayed by  Aigue-Marine]

Oh shit! Catwoman all decked out in latex is never, ever, going to get old to me. Regardless of quality of cosplay at head, it’s still. Still going to tug at the loins.