‘LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises’ Short: Poe The Chivalrous

Marvel releasing ‘Star Wars: C-3PO’ one-shot this December, will explain his new red arm

Star Wars

Uhhh. Are we seriously getting a fucking C-3PO one shot in December? That’ll explain where he gets his new red arm? This is totally not a marketing ploy. And before you tell me I’ll read it because I’m a fucking sucker for anything Star Wars, let me interrupt you. I ain’t read half of them new Marvel Warring Stars comics, and I won’t need to read this one to know the reason for 3PO’s red arm. I got the Internet.

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Watch: C-3PO and R2-D2 throw down in 1979 ‘All Japan Pro Wrestling’ match

WATCH: C-3PO RAPPING in this 1986 ad for STAR TOURS

C-3PO rapping it out.

The best part about this video is the delicious irony of C-3PO lamenting the fact that he’s being use to promote something. It’s like, bro. Just wait thirteen years. You’re going to be a straight-up product pimping machine. (If he wasn’t already, I was three in 1986. Much like these days, all I remember from back then was crapping my pants.)

But whatever. Hit the jump for some groovy C-3PO rhymes.

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R2D2, Where are you?

[via Pulphope]

Trying to remember how to draw R2-D2 while waiting on some pasta last night. Realized I never looked at him very closely.

Paul Pope doodling Star Wars? Nerd heaven.