‘BORDERLANDS 2’ Getting Better Framerates, Sh*t Loads of New Enemies

Now that Diablo 3  has dropped and BioShock Infinite  has gotten shoved into a date past the Year of Mayan Oblivion, I’m hard pressed to figure out a jam I want more this year than Borderlands 2. I’m also not really thinking that hard, between the caffeine haze and my ADD.

Here’s some info on my must-have.

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‘BORDERLANDS 2’ To Get New Character Class; Pre-Orders Get For Free. Plus! Customization.

This is getting a bit confusing. This weekend at PAX the minds behind Borderlands 2  dropped a reveal. There’s a new character class coming to Borderlands 2. Okay, awesome. People who pre-order it will get it for free. Wait, fuck that. It’s coming after the game’s release — but dropping for both regular people and pre-orders at the same time. Oh and did I mention character customization?

Wait, slow down.

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