Cosplay: Mad Moxxi from ‘Borderlands 2’ is in a prison of awesome

Mad Moxxxi

No, I don’t know what the title means.

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Cosplay: Lilith from ‘Borderlands 2’

Cosplay: Mad Moxxi wakes up the old Borderlands

Mad Moxxi!

Ah! Nothing like a cheap, shameless crotch joke to celebrate this glorious Mad Moxxi cosplay. Right? I know. I suck.

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Cosplay: Gaige from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ seems mechanically sound


Cause she’s a fucking mechromancer! Oh, you don’t like that? WHATEVER. It’s E3, I’m blogging up a fucking storm, and the only way I’ve been able to sustain this mania is through like eight Diet Mountain Dews. Enjoy this cosplay while I go into the bathroom and seize.

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Cosplay: Genderbent Salvador from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’


Here’s  Its-Raining-Neon killing it with some Genderbent Borderlands 2 cosplay. Insert some pun about it making me go gunzerker or something.

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Cosplay: CAPTAIN SCARLETT brings some ‘BORDERLANDS’ goodness.

The Captain.

I have not played the Borderlands 2 DLC. Even still, I’m feeling this cosplay. I imagine after I finally (finally!) fucking cap and head into the downloadable contents, I will appreciate it even more.

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Cosplay: MAD MOXXI from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ is jubjublicious.

Mad Moxxi.

Here is some glorious Max Moxxi cosplay to salve the sting of a Monday. Let Jessica Nigri and the power of lift-inducing brassieres carry you to the end of your day.

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Cosplay: MAYA from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ is sultry telekinetic death.

Oh Maya. Get it.


This cosplay will make you say, “Oh My-a!”…”Oh May-a!!”…or shit whatever fucking something like that. Here is a good rendition of my favorite playable character from Borderlands 2.

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Cosplay: GAIGE from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ is mechano-swoon.

Pew pew time.

Gaige up in the house! I’ve rocked a playthrough with the lovely mechan-death dealer. So I’m not saying I have a special rapport with her. But I a. She good, she goood. Here is some lovely cosplay of the lady from Lyz Brickley, which continues to raise the question, “just how old is this cutie?” I will say it for all of us.

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Cosplay: LILITH from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ is the siren I’ll always heed. Get it?


Lilith cosplay. Hell yes. It’s remarkable how much I enjoy Lilith cosplay, despite the fact that I loathe her dumb ass in Borderlands 2. In fact, as The Dude can attest, I pretty much despise every original vault hunter in the sequel. They sit around Sanctuary, barking orders. Telling me what to do, chastising me when I fuck up. God forbid they ever lend a fucking hand.

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