‘Nobody’ Trailer: Bob Odenkirk goes full ‘Death Wish’ meets ‘John Wick’ and I’m fucking here for it

Anyone who has watched Fargo or Better Call Saul knows Bob Odenkirk can act. However, did we think he could kick ass? Probably not. However, the trailer for Nobody absolutely demolishes that preconception. This shit looks awesome.

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Bob Odenkirk starring in action movie from ‘John Wick’ writer. Nothing makes sense anymore and I love it

bob odenkirk action movie john wick writer

Bob Odenkirk is starring in a fucking action movie, written by the dude behind the John Wick movies. This makes absolutely no fucking sense, but in this bleeding timeline, it makes perfect sense. and should be applauded appropriately. Seriously, I’m fucking stoked for this.

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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2 Trailer: Dollar Out Of Fifteen Cents

I have not watched Better Call Saul, yet. I should though, because Bob Odenkirk is fucking fantastic. Are you watching it? Are you excited for the second season?

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Netflix bringing new Bob Odenkirk movie to theaters


Bob Odenkirk fucking owns. Owns on Mr. Show, owns on BreakingBetterCallSaulBad, owns on the first season of Fargo. Among other efforts. Soon! Soon, Bob Odenkirk is going to be owning in theaters, in the film Girlfriend’s Day. Thanks to Netflix!

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‘W/ Bob & David’ Trailer: A ‘Mr. Show’ By Any Other Name

‘Better Call Saul’ Extended Trailer: Miguel, James Miguel

New Better Call Saul trailer. It looks damn good and I hate that. I can barely watch my regular stories as Nana calls them these days, let alone add another one to the rotation. I’ll find a way, though. At least for one episode. I’ll find a way.

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‘Better Call Saul’ Teaser: No Parking, and Poop-Filled Diapers


Don’t make Mike Ehrmantraut angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. #LazyText #ImTired

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‘Better Call Saul’ Trailer: Debuting Feb 8; two-night series premiere

Saul Goodman.

Better Call Your Friends and tell them to keep February 8 open! #LOL#SHITTYTITLEPUNS#IMWORTHLESS You see, that’s the night Better Call Saul is premiering. You know, the Breaking Bad spin-off no one asked for, and everyone is cautiously optimistic about.

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‘Better Call Saul’ Short Teaser: He’s Like Health Insurance!


[Update: Added a high-res trailer! Double-awesome!] A sad, pathetic, low quality, bootleg of a Better Call Saul teaser has broken the skin of Pop Culture and made an appearance for all of us to see. But uh yeah, naturally despite the crap resolution I’m still v. excite~

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‘Better Call Saul’ Renewed For A Second Season. Before The First Has Even Aired~!@

Better Call Saul.

Welluhokay! It appears that AMC has renewed Better Call Saul for a second season, before the first one has even aired. In fact, they’ve also pushed back the debut of said first season. So there’s that! What…what exactly is everyone expecting from this show? I’ve sort of written it off like every other spin-off that I’ve ever crossed paths with. But who knows. I hope I’m wrong.

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