Desktop Thursdays: Too High To Riot

desktop thursdays too high to riot

Man, I don’t really have anything to show you this week! I’m realizing that sort of, with my negation of my personal social media presence, I don’t take many photos anymore. Or rather, I don’t take many photos of myself. I enjoy showing the world what I’m thinking about. As well, I really enjoy sharing photos that please me! But, personal photos? Nah, not really. Which is all to say, I don’t have much for you this week in Desktop Thursdays! That said, don’t let that dissuade you from sharing your own pics in the comments!

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Babies Can Understand What You’re Saying At 6 Months Old. F**k. S**t.

I often fret about the various dangers of me  bringing a baby into the world. (There’s a lot of possible positive attributes, but I have no self-esteem.) One of the is my salty language. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I enjoy swearing. A smidge. A new study shows that babies have a grasp of what we’re saying way earlier than I would have expected.

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