NEW ‘AVENGERS’ PICS Dump Has Hotties And Choad Outfits

Here’s a new goddamn slew of Avengers  pics that you can churn into a slurry  and mow it the fuck up. The usual collection: dorky Captain America outfit, hot people, ‘splosions.

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New ‘AVENGERS’ Pics Are Busty, Brooding, Smokey. FLAWLESS.

Oh hell yeah! Someone has delved into the Nethers and uncorked the Avengers  Hype Machine. It’s showering us with promotional images, though most of them are just the gorgeous crew looking gorgeous if not a bit angsty. This newest batch is more of the same, with a bit of a Black Window push-up bra stylee.

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NEW ‘AVENGERS’ PICS: Cause Posing And Brooding Is Always Awesome

If there is one thing that is defining the marketing campaign for the Avengers  flick, especially when it pertains to the pics released, it is a whole bunch of attractive people doing nothing. Just sitting. Brooding. Flexing. Boring. Don’t get me wrong I’m jazzed to the tits about the movie, but these pictures are equally boring and hilarious.

Hit the jump to bask in the banality.

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New Pics From ‘The Avengers’ Feature Total Doofus Mode, and CASUAL FLEXING.

Did you know that Thor was the master of the casual flex? You can see all of the hotness in a new picture from The Avengers. What is he doing? Oh nothing. Looking at something on a computer screen. While his fucking triceps go goddamn insane.  Also featured: slow rollin’.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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