BioWare is officially “reinventing” dead-ass ‘Anthem’ and I hope they can pull it off

bioware anthem redesign

Well, it’s official! BioWare is “reinventing” Anthem as part of a longer-term redesign of the title. Such as rumored a couple months ago, and now studio head Casey Hudson has confirmed it. Me? I’m hoping they can pull this shit off. I mean, what a story it would be. Plus, I’d love to see a studio I used to love so much finally get a win.

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Rumor: BioWare’s ‘Anthem’ is probably delayed until 2019, so we all know how this is probably going to go

bioware anthem delayed 2019

Yesterday, Kotaku dropped an expose about BioWare’s upcoming game Anthem. Nestled within the story was the news that the game is delayed until 2019. But wait, it gets better! The title must also be released no later than March of that year, due to fiscal calendars and shit. Oh, Electronic Arts. Masters of setting studios up to fail.

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‘Anthem’ Gameplay Trailer: BioWare’s Looter Shooter looks gorgeous

BioWare’s dropped the first trailer for their live service looter shooter buzz word buzz word answer to Destiny, and. Well. It looks goddamn fantastic.

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‘Anthem’ Reveal Trailer: Hey, it’s BioWare’s answer to ‘Destiny’ or something

Anthem. BioWare has revealed the project previously known as “Dylan”, and will be dropping more details at Microsoft’s E3 presser.

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