Milky Way Galaxy COLLIDING With The Andromeda Galaxy…In 4 Billion Years. Can’t Wait.

I’ve read before about the gnarly collision that is destined between our own home galaxy and that sliding son of a bitch Andromeda. Unfit to let our eventual collision be left as a burden on other homo-martian-neptunians, NASA astronomers have decided to let the world know.

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IMAGE: The Andromeda Galaxy Is Our Nearest Neighbor; Damn Sexy.

Ah, the Andromeda Galaxy. It is our nearest galactic buddy in the Local Cluster, and as you can tell from this work of Rock it is quite swanky. Look at it, all a mere 2.5 million light-years away. Taunting us with its splendor.

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Behold The Andromeda Galaxy In Three Different Lights!

The Andromeda Galaxy is our boy. It’s the nearest spiral galaxy to us, and someday we’re going to collide with it. The good news is that we have some time to prepare for it, since it isn’t going to happen for another three to five billion years. Calm down. Sit down. We got time. Over at io9, they break down a gallery recently done by the European Space Agency. The ESA created the gallery by using “three different kinds of light: visible, infrared, and x-ray. These three very different views are then combined together to create one amazingly beautiful composite image.”

Want to see the images? Hit the jump.

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