Microsoft creative director SHAT ON people upset about ‘ALWAYS-ON’ Xbox rumors.

Whoop whoop.

You have to give it to Microsoft’s creative director. Not only does the dick sore pretty much confirm the rumor that the new Xbox is going to require always-on Internet to boot the game, but the dude shits on everyone who is concerned about this feature.

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Leak reinforces idea that NEW XBOX will be always-connected. Bleh.


Last time I posted about the possibility that the new Xbox will be always-on, more than one person pointed out what a dangerous roll of the dice this would be. You know, always-on games and always-on consoles are two beasts. How many people would Microsoft lose out on, from this policy alone? And what would the risks be? Look at the fucking SimCity debacle. So I was convinced that it probably wasn’t going to happen. Now? Now I am not so sure.

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