Watch: If Alex Jones did voiceover work for ‘Doom’ is the best thing you’ll watch today. I fucking promise.

Watch: Alex Jones screaming “NEVER” for an hour; will melt the Fluoride in your Synapses

Oh man. Alex Jones is part irresistible cartoon character, part dangerous hatemonger, part lie-assassin Info Warrior. He’s getting uh, really unstable this election cycle, and seems to be giving the MemeLords gifts on the weekly. The latest? Just a fucking loop of him screaming “NEVER”, to challenge your sanity, and time, and space. While I would have preferred the talented creator of this to have looped one of Jones’ inexplicable, haunting emotional breakdowns where he begins crying and screaming, I’ll settle for this.

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Video: ALEX JONES Explains How ‘PROMETHEUS’ Is Really About The ILLUMINATI. No, Srsly.

Alex Jones is awesome. He’s the sort of crazy-asshole who mixes just enough reality into his deranged rantings to make his conspiracy theories entertaining. This one is particularly choice. Having “gotten an early script” of Prometheus, the dude claims that its actually about…the Illuminati. Well, I’m sold!

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