An AI has just confirmed 50 new planets by digging through old NASA data. Man, the future is wild!

ai confirmed existence 50 planets nasa

An artificial intelligence developed by University of Warwick scientists has confirmed the existence of 50 new planets! Fifty! The motherfucker has done so by digging through old NASA data using a machine learning algorithm. Man, the fucking future.

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Scientists have created an AI to figure out the structure of the Universe. Crack that code, robo-genius!

scientists ai universe

Scientists in Japan have created an AI to determine the structure of the Universe! And, other happy horseshit like unraveling the mysteries surrounding dark matter. Sounds rad as fuck! Go (not truly) AI, go!

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McDonald’s is installing AI-Powered kiosks to predict our orders. Our gluttony, simplified for us!

mcdonalds ai powered kiosk

McDonald’s is getting into the AI game, apparently. In order to predict our orders, The Company That Sells Delicious Pink Goop is going to be installing AI-powered kiosks. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft’s AI earned a perfect ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ score, take that flesh-bags

microsoft ai ms pac man perfect score

You know how it goes. I’ve been trying to warn people for years. About artificial intelligences. First, Ms. Pac-Man perfect. Next, taking over the world.

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