Monday Morning Commute: Bootyin’ Poppin’ Goodness

Don and Betty

And the seven thunders uttered! How the fuck is it going? Are you happily ensconced in your cubicle? Are you like me, with a pile of short stories to read, and a paper to write? Are you a single mother at home, on your ninth bag of Doritos and early awaiting today’s episode of Oprah? Are you stoked? Pumped? Ready to feel the burn? What are you looking forward to this week? This month! Tell me. I yearn to know. And for your underpants. Just saying.

Monday Morning Commute. Every Monday I’m going to detail the various things I’m either currently or will be watching, reading, playing, and listening to in the next seven days. It’s Monday. You’ve got a long week of school, work, or compulsive masturbation to get through. Tell me the arts that you’re indulging in, to stave off suicide.


Super Awesome Galaxy

Playing / Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the fucking shit, yo. I spent the better part of the weekend either playing it by myself, or rocking out as P2 while my Significantly Superior Other burned through it on her own save file. Seriously, it was a moment to remember. My lady isn’t a gamer, but she is a sympathizer. So looking over at her, tweaking out on Diet Mountain Dew (now she understands its power) and fucking lusting for yet another star was a moment of complete gamer geek ecstasy. I’d like to thank the god I don’t believe in since it seems to have given some sort of karmic high-five in the form of a beautiful intelligent blond girl who was a total geek for a weekend.



True Blood / Season 3

Watching / True Blood Season 3
True Blood starts this Sunday! Why am I so excited?!?!? I don’t fucking know! If you have been unlucky to have followed this blog since its inception, you know that I spent a lot of my initial days on it bemoaning Alan Ball and the second half of Season Two with a fury usually reserved for hated sports teams. (Fuck you Canadiens, burn Quebec.)

But now? All of the bile and apoplectic rage has subsided. Instead of focusing on the fact that True Blood’s second season was able to make me tired of Anna Paquin’s tits and orgies somehow, I’m going to remember that I really dug the first season, half of the second, and every new season brings a chance at redemption.

Plus, I find half of the cast ineffably gorgeous.

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Super Mario’s Got Suits Like Woah, Buns of Steel

A Man of Many Choices

[via only trippy stuff, click to enlarge]

Using this dope artwork to remind you to play Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s pure banana-engorging funtime.

Mario Gets Thug As Fuck In Street Art

Thug Lyfe

[source: sugoi via gamovr]


Famitsu Super Mario Galaxy 2 Scans = UH, WITTY COMMENT GET

Super Mario Scan Galaxy Stuff

[via all games beta \ click images to enlarge]

Yeah, more and more Super Mario Galaxy 2 shit keeps dropping. These screens are win. Let’s see, we got Slave Master Mario riding his dino-servant, 2D goodness, and other odd and bizarre tropes that somehow make sense in video games, particularly the Marioverse. Click the jump for the rest of the scans.

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Monday Morning Commute: Partying With Prostitutes

Hotel Room

I absconded to New York this past weekend for the second time in three weeks or so. This is me yawning with a greatness. ‘Twas a good time. My Significant Other and I were fitted into a hotel room suite replete with a kitchen, refridgerator and other fancy stuff. It was fantastic, even if I felt bad at living in such luxury. I’m the guy who feels bad when someone calls him “sir” or carries his bags for him. I want to be like, “Dude, no seriously. I’m a 27 year-old schmuck who lives with his parents and you probably are busting your ass for ungrateful people. Let me carry my own bag.”

As I said though, it was enjoyable. My girlfriend, being infinitely more successful than myself despite being 4.5 years my younger, is a tough one to corral for a day alone. Her schedule is voluminous and her drive remarkable, and I’m just a guy reading books. So being able to get away with her, even to the noise and din of New York City was great.

I tried my best to not hyperventilate over all the school work I wasn’t getting done while I was there. When I closed my eyes I saw syllabuses not being completed. I could hear the crackle of pages not being turned. Grad school. It’s turning out to be a real son of a bitch.

Monday Morning Commute. Every Monday I’m going to detail the various things I’m either currently or will be watching, reading, playing, and listening to in the next seven days. It’s Monday. You’ve got a long week of school, work, or compulsive masturbation to get through. Tell me the arts that you’re indulging in, to stave off suicide.

Party Down Season 2

Watching / Party Down, Season Two

Do you remember when The Office was funny and had a decent Will They/Won’t They love story? Yeah, I’m stretching to remember it as well. Thankfully, Party Down has filled the void in this world where The Office is mediocre at best. I’ve had a butt crush on Party Down since before I even saw it. It was created by my boy Rob Thomas, who created Veronica Mars. It doesn’t hurt that it’s featured Kristen Bell and a bunch of others from good ole Veronny Mars.

But it’s smart, slightly awkward, and funny.

And yes, I’m a huge sucker for the Will They/Won’t They bullshit. I’m a weepy jerk, okay? So remember that the next time you accuse me of not enjoying love stories ala LOST’s current bullshit. It’s true that such a storyline cannot be sustained for long, and either it becomes prolonged or you consummate it and lose the appeal. And so Party Down will inevitably meet that same fate. Whatever. Stave off those thoughts and enjoy the ride.

I have a few friends who watch it, and I implore you to check it out, if only so it can stay on the air for me. It begins slow, but by the middle of the second season you’ll be tots LOL-ing, okay?

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Super Mario Galaxy 2: Yo, Mario Is Trippin’ Balls On The Clouds

Super Mario Galaxy 2 : Trippin' Like Fucking Woah!

[source : all games beta]

Magic everywhere in this bitch! The more I see of Super Mario Galaxy 2, the more I am convinced it is the product of an excessive amount of hallucinogenics and awesomeness. I really need this game. Super now.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Goes 2D; Old School Nostalgia Boner GET


[source: tanooki via destructoid]

Oh shit, Super Mario Galaxy 2 features 2D gameplay! WTF, awesome. Two-dimensional. The good old days. Before pubes and polygons and raging psychosis. There’s a certain simplicity to 2D gameplay that continually draws us back. You know you still love it. For all the perks and benefits of a zillion-polygons and bonerfying graphics, a little old school Mario still makes me a fucking happy clam.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer? BONER GET.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 : Ride that shit, you fucking plumber!

Fuck yeah, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is coming. And you better be ready with your hallucinogenic drug of choice for when this son of a bitch drops. What a trippy, engrossing, rewarding game the first Galaxy was.

I am pretty stoked about the sequel, and the trailer only increases my frothing demand. The gameplay is so sexy, so familiar, yet altered. I camped out for thirteen hours on release day for a Wii that simply fucking sits there. But if I can get a new Mario game every couple of years, it’ll be forever worth it.

Oh Shit! Super Mario Galaxy 2 Receives US Release Date


Oh shit! Super Mario-Guy is droppin’ on Uranus with a squishy Yoshi grunt this May! Kapow! I’m stoked.

Via Destructoid:

Mario Galaxy 2, the long-awaited sequel to Mario Galaxy, is hitting North America on May 23.


I really dug the original Super Mario Galaxy. It’s a testament to the delicious allure of gameplay, and studly plumbers whose mustaches I would like to caress. Who cares if it was on the Wii, which is like the 32x of Nintendo consoles. It’s like two Gamecubes duct-taped together and asked to over-perform, with a superfluous masturbatory peripheral.

Better yet, Galaxy 2 is bringing back Yoshi, who was sadly absent from the original. What is Mario, if he doesn’t have his indentured dinosaur servant? Nothing! I mean, who else is he going to cruelly ride, demand to suck up everything around him, and throw into pits? He was lost!

I’m ready to get up on this pig this May.