Space Swoon: THE BLUE SUN roars in an extreme light.

The Blue Sun.

Man, we have all sorts of fancy lights and shit these days to view the cosmos. Dropping violet lights on Sol in order to view its activity isn’t even special anymore. Let us use the various lenses and thingies and whatever to view sunspots. Let us use technology I can’t grasp to behold the source of our light.

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The Sun’s Furious Sunspots Look Like PINK SPHINCTERS OF DOOM

Listen. We can pretend to be adults, or we can admit that these righteous sunspots look like a goddamn pink sphincter of Armageddon.

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New Sunspot Is Three Times As Wide As Earth. The Sun Laughs At Us.

Enlarge. | Via.

Relatively speaking in comparison with it brethren, the Sun is a small star. Compared to us? It’s fucking enormous. A new sunspot on Sol is three times  as wide as Erf.

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