Space Swoon: THE BLUE SUN roars in an extreme light.

The Blue Sun.

Man, we have all sorts of fancy lights and shit these days to view the cosmos. Dropping violet lights on Sol in order to view its activity isn’t even special anymore. Let us use the various lenses and thingies and whatever to view sunspots. Let us use technology I can’t grasp to behold the source of our light.

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VOYAGER 1 has entered the ‘magnetic highway’ as it prepares to leave solar system.

Fare the well, Voyager 1. You’re currently hauling ass through the “magnetic highway”, as you approach the limits of our solar system. Keep in mind our wonderful moments together. Recall, if you will, the time we built your ungrateful ass. Fawn over the concept of being the first object we’ve sent out of our solar system. Dearest regards.

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Video: Huge Coronal Mass Ejection Slammed Into Earth Today. Sun Activity ++

On Tuesday evening, a curmudgeonly old Sun decided to erupt in a violent solar flare. Ole sumbitch Sun has been acting up for a while now. Early this morning, the Solar Puke smashed into our Earth’s atmosphere.

Hit the jump for videos of the ejection and some deets. It’s swoon.

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Video: First Footage Of A Comet Smashing Into Sun. Or Superman Powering Up.

Check it out!, solarians. I made that word up. Means you like..solars? Solar systemarians? Something like that. Anyways – whoever (whomever? fuck me here) you are – hit the jump for the first footage of a comet rocketing into the Sun. Or of Superman collecting some cellular oomph! before he goes to throw down with Metallo. I’m preferring the latter.

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Image: Check Out The Sun’s Solar Mohawk. X-Treme.

(Click to Enlarge. Via)

Alan Friedman took this gorgeous picture of a solar prominence rising off off the Sun’s dome like a goddamn solar mohawk. It’s impressive, no? It’s even more impressive when you consider the massivity of what’s lifting off the Sun’s surface.

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Sun Unleashes X-Class Solar Flare. Our Star Be Workin’ This Year.

Enlarge | Via

You have to hand it to the Sun this year. It’s been acting up like nobody’s business. Well, except for ours I suppose. Today it set forth a gorgeous X-class solar flare. It’s scientifically proven that anything with an “X” makes it at least  100-times cooler.

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Check Out The Suicide Plunge Of A Comet Into The Sun. Cowards Way!

NASA’s SOHO satellite caught a gorgeous video of a comet’s suicide plunge into the Sun. No comet, no! There’s beauties worth living for in this universe. Especially for a lucky little thing like you, non-sentient but blessed with being able to zip around space.
Hit the jump for the video.

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Footage of the Sun’s X-class Solar Flare. Snap.

The Sun’s pissed off this week. It must be a bit angsty regarding the fact that it doesn’t have any binary star to share Fabricated Marketing Event Day with, because on Valentine’s Day it unleashed its largest solar flare in years.

Bad Astronomy:

Sunspot 1158 is an active region on the Sun, with a lot of magnetic energy stored up. That energy got released with a bang on Tuesday, creating a solar flare – essentially a magnetic bomb on the surface of the Sun – and a coronal mass ejection (CME) – a huge eruption of subatomic particles blasting outward from the Sun.

The flare can be seen as the sudden bright flash just below and to the right of the center of the Sun’s disk. At the same time you can see an expanding circle of light centered on the Sun. That last bit is the CME. We see these launching off the Sun quite often; usually headed off to the side, looking like a big loop or light-bulb shape moving off. When they head straight Earth, though, they look like a circle that expands as it approaches. That’s how you can tell we’re in the way!

Hit a jump for this cosmic boom in motion.

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Watch A Whole Hemisphere Of The Sun Explode. [Video.]

This is fucking marvelous. An entire hemisphere of the sun explodes which then ignites another region. According to io9, this was an event previously thought impossible:

In this ultraviolet light video taken by NASA, you can watch a phenomenon that scientists didn’t believe could exist until a few months ago. An entire hemisphere of the sun explodes, one region igniting another. What does this discovery mean?

It turns out that the sun doesn’t just spurt out gouts of gas in isolated spots. In fact, our star’s magnetic field brings many regions of Sol’s surface into direct relationships with each other, so areas separated by millions of miles can literally spark each other up. The results are called “sympathetic flares.”

G’damn amazing. Hit the jump to watch the explosion in action.

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