SEARCH ENGINE TERMS: Listen, our porn goes to OMEGA

We don't traffic in level 12 porn.

[Search Engine Terms. Most of ours are ultra depraved and horrible. And amusing to sick people like me.]

I haven’t done one of these in a while, namely because I haven’t seen much that has caught my eye. However — I was affronted by this recent query. Level 12 porn? Naw. Not even. What sort of Search God brought such a result to our domicile? Like all these here, our porn goes to OMEGA. Well, at least mine. You ain’t doing it right unless you can’t find where you shoved that stick of a butter. But it’s okay, just use the spatula and you’ll end up having fun anyways.

Popular Game Box Art Done Up As ADULT MOVIE PARODIES. Clever/Not Clever Amusement.

Here’s an ass load (probably a pun in this context) of video games’ box art done up as porn parodies. I can’t tell if the cheesy almost groan-worthy titles are on the creator’s part, or they’re simply fulfilling the non-clever-but-amusing porn title manifesto. Analo? Really? Sounds…silly (send me a copy). The whole thing is validated by the Samus In Latex cover.

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