‘THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES’ Trailer: Documenting Burton’s Barf?

To Dream!

How the fuck did I miss (or forget?) that there was a documentary being made about Tim Burton’s failed Superman project? Too much to contain within the rotting mush between my ears. Anyhoo — the trailer for the documentary has arrived (from Krypton? LOLIHATEMYSELF), and it looks pretty fucking awesome.

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Press Start: No News For April Fools


It’s after this holiest of holy weekends that I like to give thanks to the lord baby Jesus for giving us the gift of video games, for introducing the concept of extra lives and, most importantly, dying for our sins so that we are all able to wallow in our own filth whilst we gaze into the screen for an entire weekend, shoveling poultry and confectionery down our unrelenting gullets.

Thank you, Jesus.

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NIC CAGE in Tim Burton’s SUPERMAN SUIT. ‘Cause you deserve nightmares.

Nic fucking Cage, yo.

Hey friends. You have probably thought you have seen the last of the nightmare that was Tim Burton’s Superman. Double wrong. Bask in the radioactive glory that is Nicky Cage in the Super-suit.

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Nic Cage x ‘THE HOBBIT’ = You’re welcome.

Shout out to community member and friend Jilly for bringing this to my attention. One hyper-manic actor to rule them all.

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Nic Cage confirmed for ‘EXPENDABLES 3′, guarantees best movie ever.

Okay, I’m not even going to see it. So yeah. Not the best movie ever. However, there’s been a dearth of Nicky Cage news lately, and those who know me know this makes me a bit sad in the scrotum. So let us dance to this announcement.

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Nic cage going to do ‘THE EXPENDABLES 3′ and now I have to see it. Maybe Harrison Ford too.

Nic Cage is going to do The Expendables 3. Good goddammit. The first flick sucked, I’m not enticed by the second, and now I’m going to have to see the third. My love for Cage and his penchant for madcap completely awful roles is well documented, and he is signing up for this pure fecaltainment I’m theater bound.

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NIC CAGE goes VOLTRON. Assemble the flesh-based doombot.

And in that moment, as the tides of blood washed upon the shores of our collective consciousness, there arose a hero forged for such an occasion.

Everything Was Nicolas Cage; A Moment of Zen.

Let the musky cosmic scent of Sir Nic wash over you in these troubled times. Stressed about finals? Christmas shopping? That itch on your groin becoming a boil? Don’t worry. The Good One is watching over us.

Nic Cage’s Copy of Action Comics #1 Sells For $2.16 Million. Insanity Included.

Nic Cage’s copy of Action Comics #1 which has been soaked in his glorious madness ambiance, stolen, and since returned, has sold for a fucking fuck-ton of greenbacks.

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Joel Schumacher Wanted Nic Cage To Play The Scarecrow. MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

Yo, fuck  Cillian Murphy. The greatest actor of all time almost played the Scarecrow in  Schumacher’s third Batman flick. Can you only image the utter insanity that would have been a Cage-powered Scarecrow? An insane man with hallucinations playing an insane man who induces hallucinations.

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