Omega-Level @FanExpo Toronto 2012 – A New Hope from South of the Border. Not that Border.

Summer 2012 has blown through the nerd universe with a thunderous fury, and OL rode the wave to its first major convention appearance.  We rocked FanExpo Canada in Toronto, home of yours truly, and generated some fantastic buzz on the show floor.

The essential blow-by-blow follows.  Brace yourselves.

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Omega-Level Weekend at FanExpo Toronto – The Concise Preamble Summary

There’s a story behind every line, but maybe the imagination can cook up funnier shit than the truth (this will be difficult, I assure you).  It was a pleasure to host OL in Toronto, and I’m already looking forward to the next con weekend that OL tears up.

STAR WARS is 35 Years Old. Today.

May 25, 1977.  I suspect few of us were even born yet.  Even if, like me, your first exposure was the Special Editions in ’97, or an overused VHS copy from the ’80s, it was likely a definitive and defining element of most of our childhoods.

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