‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer: Jump On It, Brah!

You know, I’ve been meaning to see Magic Mike. For a hot minute now. And perhaps this was exactly the motivation I needed. This lovely trailer for Magic Mike XXL that features Channing Tatum grinding and grooving. It’s a cold winter, but it’s warm in here!

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‘CATCHING FIRE’ Casting Rumors: Jena Malone (Blegh) And KEVIN NASH (Huzzah!) Up For Roles

We all know that I’m going to see Catching Fire, my obsession with J-Law demanding supplication. Outside of her buxom bossiness though, I haven’t really been stoked about the flick. Then they said the magic words.

Kevin Nash.

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Monday Morning Commute: A Lunatic’s Life.

We were raised by glowing boxes and nourished by the aluminum teats of sugar-liquids. Now adults, at least in the eyes of the law, we cannot help but look at the workweek as an adversary. Just as the Spartan gazed upon the wolf.

To thwart this formidable foe, we summon the spirits for help. Music. Comics. Movies. Caffeinated beverages. And the like.

Welcome to the Monday Morning Commute. I’m going to tell you which weapons I’ll use to parry the workweek’s devastating ennui. If you care to join the battle, hit up the comments and show me your wares.


Readin’ / ORC STAIN vol. 1

Holy shit! This comic is damn amazing! I spent Saturday evening reading the first trade of Orc Stain (collecting issues #1-5) and I’ve been drooling over it ever since. In one fell swoop, James Stokoe demonstrated that he’s a creator whose name is going to carry some serious weight in the next few years.

Orc Stain tells the tale of One-Eye, an orc with a knack for unlocking not just safes and treasure troves, but anything – with a whack of his hammer, he can dismantle an entire building. In five issues the series establishes its own vocabulary, mythology, and visual language. If you have even a fleeting interest in fantasy, blood-feuds, or hilarious castrations, this is for you.


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