Netflix Loses 800,000 Subscriptions. When It Rains, Et Cetera.

Netflix. Not doing well. Sure you’ve heard about it. Not doing well at all. Some specifics have dropped, and we know exactly how not well.

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THIS WEEK ON True Blood: Burning Down The House

Just wait until you see the last scene, my friend Adam told me. True Blood, he said, is a truly awful show. Momentous words coming from the only dude in my group of friends who still watches this show besides me. One by one the buddies of mine have ducked out. Everyone else has been felled by the trite themes, the clich├ęd characters, and the spread-thin storylines.

Just wait until you see the last scene.

And saw I did.

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New X-Men: First Class Posters Are Glorious Photoshop Fail.

Apparently the Magneto and Professor X character posters released last week were of the international sort. This week we’re treated to the US version, and oh fucking boy! Nothing is cooler than floating heads superimposed over silhouettes. Well, at least some comic book geek is probably having the graphic design internship of a lifetime.

Hit the jump for the posters.

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