Cosplay: Peggy Carter as ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’

Peggy Carter.

Here is some glorious Peggy Carter cosplay, featuring what has to be an homage to the poster for Captain America: The First Avenger. Love it.

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Cosplay: ‘Fallout’ Super Mario’s new Kingdom is the Wasteland

Super Mario!

Here’s a glorious gallery of Super Mario and his Cardre rolling deep in the Wasteland.

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Cosplay: Jubilee from ‘X-Men’ strikes a Kotobukiya pose (or three)

Cosplay: Gaige from ‘Borderlands 2′ is mechromagnificent

Cosplay: Mad Moxxi here to stimulate your Borderlands (2)

Cosplay: Thor and her mighty hammer rule all

Cosplay: Captain America obeys Rule 63

Cosplay: Rule 63 Cloud Strife from ‘Final Fantasy VII’

Cosplay: Snow White x Sakura from ‘Street Fighter’ = Yes.

Snow White x Sakura

This…This is my everything.

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Cosplay: Chun-Li and Cammy from ‘Street Fighter V’


Been a minute since we had some cosplay. So here are a couple of dope images of Chun-Li and Cammy in their Street Fighter V garb.

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