Cosplay: Armored-Up Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann gets the drill spinnin’


Oh, come on! I’m allowed a phallic reference when talking about an entire fucking anime series that deals with them. Aren’t I? Whatever! I don’t care what you say, doubting mortals! Just enjoy this glorious cosplay.

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Cosplay: Rule 63 NIGHTWING is my everything


Yes. Yes indeed, this cosplay works for me. Some menacing, by-the-moonlight, body-suit-powered Rule 63 Nightwing cosplay. Mmmhmm.

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Cosplay: LARA CROFT looks worse for wear, but ready to rumble

lara croft

With Rise of the Tomb Raider (I fucking deplore that name tho) revealed at E3, it only seems fitting to drop some Lara Croft cosplay. I’m stoked for the game, I’m stoked for the cosplay, the needle of Diet Dew mainlined to my heart has me prepped for death, and stoked about a lot! Hit the jump for the full shot.

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Cosplay: Gaige from ‘BORDERLANDS 2′ seems mechanically sound


Cause she’s a fucking mechromancer! Oh, you don’t like that? WHATEVER. It’s E3, I’m blogging up a fucking storm, and the only way I’ve been able to sustain this mania is through like eight Diet Mountain Dews. Enjoy this cosplay while I go into the bathroom and seize.

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Cosplay: PIXIE from ‘X-MEN’ is a dusting of glory


Here’s Katherine Zan just utterly crushing it as Pixie from the X-Men. The full picture is beyond the cut.

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Cosplay: RED from ‘TRANSISTOR’ is a melodious tune. For our eyes? IDFK.


It’s Friday! Ain’t no time for fucking clever headlines and shit! Open up! Your fucking mind-eyes-gullet. Swallow this gorgeous cosplay of Red from Transistor.

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Cosplay: Never Enough WONDER WOMAN. Never.


Some more Wonder Woman cosplay up in the house! I’m particularly smitten with the battle armor-powered Wonder Woman cosplay that seems to be more popular these days. Hell yeah. (What a wonderfully unremarkable bit of prose in here, I know.)

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Cosplay: BATGIRL and NIGHTWING gettin’ comfy

The Bat! Girl!

On this most merry of BATFLECK REVEAL DAYS why shouldn’t we continue the theme with some Batverse cosplay? Let’s go Bat-Crazy! Like we have rabies! Cause fucking bats have rabies or something! Unless they don’t! Snopesapedia that shit for me!

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Cosplay: This Silk Spectre Is Latex Smooth


Latex! Who Watches the Latex Women?! Me! I stare at them! Scribbling notes. Furiously. Oh I don’t really know what I’m talking about, okay? Okay?! Fuck you! Enjoy this cosplay.

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Cosplay: FEMALE GREEN LANTERN lights up my day. PUNZPUNZ

Green Lantern!

ALL THE SHITTY PUNZ!!! Seriously though, this is some wonderful Green Lantern cosplay. Especially given, you know, my *ahem* bodysuit fetish.

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