Cosplay: LADY BANE and BATMAN cover all your FETISH NEEDS.

Fetish Garb.

Batman all done up in latex. Lady Bane with the muzzle. I don’t know. This son of a bitch just seems to be a fetishist’s wonderful juicy dream.

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Cosplay: HARLEY QUINN goes SUICIDE SQUAD for our enjoyment.

Harley Quinn. Yus.

I don’t usually dig on Harley Quinn. Sometimes she is annoyingly screechy, and in the Bat-Guy video games she is a Juggalo (Juggalette?) gone awry. This picture is fantastic though, making me double-think my abject dismissal of her character. And yes, the cosplayer is cute. Okay. You caught me.

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Cosplay: BATMAN and CATWOMAN bring the latex and muscles to your dome-piece.

I vote yes. Batman is totally jacked, and trying to hold in a fart. ‘Cause despite what you may have heard, he doesn’t have the Catwoman on lockdown. Yet.

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Cosplay: DOUBLE CATWOMAN, what could it mean?! Latex euphoria, yo.

My Dark Knight…is rising! I know, terrible pun. Whatever. Leave me alone. It’s God-Damn Bat-Man week, and I can barely hold it together as-is.

Cosplay: Batman’s New Anti-Bro TALON Haunts Up Comic Conventions

Yes, I may have just forged the phrase “anti-bro” to describe someone decidedly not your bro, but that is not what is important here. Check out Talon, the monster-child of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, haunting not just the pages of the relaunched Batman, but also comic conventions everywhere.


Cosplay: POISON IVY Has You Looking At Her Chest Lettuce. (Chest Lettuce? WTF?)

Man that pun made so much sense because uh poison ivy is green and so is lettuce and wait they’re both vegetables except fuck no they’re not. Ah, whatever. Just look at the cosplay and leave me alone. The glory is  cosplayed by  drummerina. Photographed by Edoardo del Gaudio.

Dude Carves Batman Symbol Into FACIAL HAIR. Dominates At Ridiculousness.

Check out Captain_Auburn_Beard, a man who knows no limits. He does not respect common sense, nor does he balk at the thought of social  ostracism. Or maybe he just shaved this shit off immediately. Whatever the case, my life glows harder having found this.

Cosplay: HARLEY QUINN In Nurse’s Garb Gives Me A HUSBAND’S BULGE. Also: Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange turns away momentarily. I tickle Harley from behind hoping to get her attention. Startled, she whips to face me and buries a knife deep into my soul. As I bleed out, I manage a thumbs-up, complimenting her on her impressive array of breasts. So it goes. (What the fuck am I talking about.)

Cosplay: Catwoman Is Always A LATEX DREAM

[Via | Cosplayed by  Aigue-Marine]

Oh shit! Catwoman all decked out in latex is never, ever, going to get old to me. Regardless of quality of cosplay at head, it’s still. Still going to tug at the loins.

Video: Batman Screams At Strangers In Toronto. Wayne Needs Help.

Some dude dressed as Batman skulked around Toronto busting out requisite Batman-isms like “Where are they?!” both amusing and scaring the shit out of passersby. It’s fucking awesome. Also worth noting: if this site ever becomes a viable life option (it won’t), expect me doing this all the fucking time.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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