Patton Oswalt would write ‘Spider-Man’ as Bansky the Tech Socialist

Patton's take.

Cheers to Daniel Heard! The friend of the site and nauseatingly talented illustrator passed along this little morsel. Patton Oswalt recently cut a podcast with the Nerdist where he discussed what he would do with the Spider-Man movie franchise. Oh, and he also revealed that he did some script punch-up on ASM2.

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More Banksy In Los Angeles; Rat Time In Taco Land.

Banksy  continues  frolicking along in Los Angeles. His latest work went up alongside some taco joint in Oceanside. According to Hypebeast, “the piece came as a surprise to most, including the shop owner, who contemplated painting the piece over before he noticed the attention its received.”

If you enter into the comments section at Hypebeast, there’s a good three-thousand comments debating whether or not its actual Banksy. I have no fucking clue. I love how the aura of Banksy is so pervasive, his influence permeates throughout boundaries regardless of whether or not this handiwork is courtesy of his agency. The Banksy! He lives. He replicates. Or he doesn’t. But he still does.

It’s late man, I don’t know what I’m saying.

Hit the jump for the work.

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Mr. Brainwash Spits About Banksy And Exit Through The Gift Shop.

In a daring move, I’m pretty sure that Exit Through The Gift Shop was my favorite movies of all the bullshit I caught last year. See that qualifier? Good. I enjoyed its dissection of what happens when the underground is embraced, and then commodified by mainstream culture. Street art went from a subversive means of getting across ideas, or just drawing shit, and became a popculture staple. What the fuck is the response to your own success? At the epicenter of this conversation was the documentary’s star, Thierry Guetta or  Mr. Brainwash. He was the point made literal; the bastard who bastardized Banksy’s motives and shoved it down the gullible masses’ throat.

But the question’s always been, is Brainwash even fucking real?

Dude to talked this week The Envelope, and Slashfilm has wrestled out some interesting nuggets.
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More Banksy Street Art Hits Hollywood. Awesome.

Banksy is one of my good ole heroes, and he’s recently returned to Hollywood with some new street art. Perhaps its in some sort of  guerrilla  effort to promote Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is currently nominated for an Oscar.

Hit the jump for the recent work.

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Banksy Rocking Out A Street Art Oscar Campaign?

Enlarge. | Via.

Color me oblivious to award show bullshit. I had no idea that Banksy’s documentary-turned-perhaps-faux-documentary-turned-maybe-really-documentary-turned-definitely-a-mindfuck Exit Through The Gift Shop was nominated for Best Documentary this year. Outstanding. Just as astounding? Banksy’s statement after Exit was nominated:

This is a big surprise. I don’t agree with the concept of award ceremonies, but I’m prepared to make an exception for the ones I’m nominated for. The last time there was a naked man covered in gold paint in my house, it was me.

The movie is one of my favorite works of the part year, frreal. If you haven’t seen it, it’s streaming on Netflix and I think it was even free on Hulu last week? I’m not sure. None the less, it’s a hilarious commentary on underground movements, and what happens when those movements are (inevitably) coopted and monetized. That’s the problem with doing something new and having it strike a chord with people.


Anyways, the send-up is outstanding, and it’s been nominated and whatever.  Now with the nomination, shit is getting interesting. According to Slashfilm:

This week we’ve begun to hear reports that  Banksy (the credited director of the street art documentary) is beginning his award campaign the only way he knows how to – street art. Or could this be the work of Mr. Brainwash? This looks a bit too sloppy to be a Banksy production, and MBW has been using Stormtroopers in his work recently.


Banksy Hits Detroit Rock City Like Woah

[click to enlarge]

Banksy rocked out in Detroit recently. Apparently he hit up the abandoned Packard auto plant, and in a great twist of irony, the work was dug up and brought to a local gallery. Aversion to subversion! To something.