Cosplay: Genderbent Vincent Valentine from ‘Final Fantasy VII’

Cosplay: Genderbent Handsome Jack from ‘Borderlands 2′

Cosplay: Poison Ivy ensnares Batman in her…oh crappy puns

Cosplay: Supergirl gazes seriously. At something.

Cosplay: Harley Quinn from the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie

Cosplay: That one ‘Final Fantasy VII’ scene where Cloud gives Aeris a burial thing

Cosplay: This Spider-Girl got that fate-tempting glare!

Cosplay: This Rule 63 Immortan Joe is anything but mediocre!

Cosplay: Mad Moxxi from ‘Borderlands 2′ is in a prison of awesome

Mad Moxxxi

No, I don’t know what the title┬ámeans.

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Cosplay: Lilith from ‘Borderlands 2′