Cosplay: Peter Parker, Meter Maid

Cosplay: Commander Shepard got that Reaper lurkin’

Cosplay: This Ryuko Matoi is (Kill la) Killin’ it! Terrible puns!

Cosplay: Some Scarlet Witch on ‘Age of Ultron’ Weekend

Cosplay: Star Wars x Street Fighter = Chun-Leia and Cammy Fett


Yes, yes indeed I will take this Star Wars x Street Fighter cosplay.

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Cosplay: Mad Moxxi from ‘Borderlands’ will always hold my attention

Mad Moxxi!

I will never not post Mad Moxxi cosplay. That’s, that’s just the way it’s going to be. Forever.

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Cosplay: Dragon Age x Commander Shepard for the win

Dragon Age! Shepard!

Taking a brief (BRIEF) reprieve from my The Force Awakens Seminal Fluid Tidal Wave to post this batch of dope cosplay. Take the future BioWare extravaganza and focus it through the delicious lens of Dragon Age.

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Cosplay: Femme Rocket Raccoon is definitely someone’s fetish

Rocket Raccoon

I mean. This has totally got to be playing into like, multiple fetishes. Right?

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Cosplay: Flemeth from ‘Dragon Age 2′ is a beautiful baddie


Was Flemeth a baddie in Dragon Age 2? Or was that just the first Dragon Age? I can’t…I can’t fucking remember. This cosplay, though? Dope.

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Cosplay: Batgirl and Harley Quinn done nailed it


Here’s a collection of Batman-related cosplay. And for once it ain’t me and my Catwoman fetish! Nah! It’s Batgirl and Harley Quinn up in here!

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