Cosplay: This TIFA LOCKHART is Final Heaven


God bless, god bless. Been a minute since I’ve featured some Tifa Lockhart. Or as she was called around my group of friends, “the fictional character that launched a thousand hormonal ships into the thralls of puberty.” Whelp — here I go, paying tribute to the lass with some wonderful cosplay.

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Cosplay: New 52 BATGIRL got that chitin armor goin’ on

Batgirl time!

Okay maybe I’ll stow my disdain for everyone in the New 52 rocking chitin armor. Just this once! It totally doesn’t anything to do with a beautiful, powerful woman rocking some. (It has everything to do with this. Cut me some slack.)

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Cosplay: Nadya Sonika is (wait for it) magical as ZATANNA

Killing it as Zatanna

The lovely Nadya Sonika has been featured here before. This time she is returning as DC’s Zatanna. It’s a pretty rad-ass get-up, makes me wish I had more of a clue as to the character’s background. She speaks backwards to cast spells, but after that…I’m lost. If only there was a device on the Internet for searching?! Alas. Anyways.

Hit jump for the cosplay.

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Cosplay: Strong ‘WONDER WOMAN’ crushes with presence and beauty


Eve Beauregard straight killing it with this Wonder Woman cosplay. Able to combine the undeniably sultry outfit with a raw presence. It’s like “Hey, I have these killer gams. But I’m capable and willing to break your neck when you step out of line, villain-fuck.”

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yupI’m moderately obsessed with Gurren Lagann‘s Yoko Littner. Total cheesecake babe. Maybe or maybe I don’t spend too much time on Tumblr reblogging her cosplay. Maybe! Maybe I’m just cracking finally and sharing some with you. Maybe.

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Cosplay: This HARLEY QUINN gives me HARLEY SINN(FUL) thoughts


Am I even trying anymore with these headlines? I don’t know bruh, you tell me. Actually, don’t fucking tell me. Because I know the answer. It ain’t about the content it’s about the…wait, that isn’t right. Umm.

(Hit the jump for cosplay, go away.)

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Cosplay: Meagan Marie is pretty f**king gnarly as DAENERYS TARGARYEN

the best

Meagan Marie generally fucking owns any sort of cosplay that she undertakes. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that her take on Daneyerysighaijuhiugfuckyoumartin Target is killer as well. But that don’t mean that we can’t bask in the glory all the same.

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Cosplay: ROGUE from ‘X-MEN’ is my latex nirvana.

good god yes

Not even fair. Not even FAIR. This Rogue cosplay knows my weakness. My glowing red dot through which the protagonist can fell me in a boss fight. Glorious, glorious latex.


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Cosplay: Rogue and Gambit party like it’s 1996

i can dig it

Yeah I sort of hate Gambit as a character, but I’m totally vibing on this cosplay right here. I shall let go of my hate, my anger, my malaise. I will give into the love. Feel it. It feels like kinetic energy. In your pants.

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Cosplay: Darth Maul vogueing or something idfk.

Hallo sir whats up

How do you come up with a Darth Maul headline? Darth Maul…temporarily wipes out all of your Prequel Horror Memories? Too long even by my standards. That’s what I wanted to role with, though. I almost did. Almost. Anyways, the cosplay itself is pretty Gnarls Barkley.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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