No New DC Comic Movies For At Least Three Years, Post Bats-Man And Superguy

While Marvel continues to churn out new iterations of their Movie Monolith, it appears that the DC response is…silence. After Dark Knight Rises and Superdouche drop, there isn’t anything on the immediate horizon.


Marvel Entertainment is coming off a string of successful films, culminating in The Avengers — but meanwhile, its counterpart DC Entertainment can’t get a non-Batman, non-Superman film off the ground. A new article in the L.A. Times reports that it will be “at least three years” before another DC movie hits our screens, besides this month’s The Dark Knight Rises and next year’s Man of Steel.

None of the other DC projects in the works has “a producer, director or cast,” says the Times. Meanwhile, Marvel is set to put out a couple movies a year in 2013 and 2014. Warner Bros. reorganized DC Comics into DC Entertainment a few years ago, and many people predicted a fast track for movie projects — especially after DC Entertainment moved to L.A. But DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has played no role in the Nolan Batman films or Man of Steel, according to the Times. That makes Green Lantern the one big-screen product of this venture.

Christopher Nolan made it clear last weekend that he’s not going to be involved in a Justice League movie — which didn’t seem especially newsworthy, since Nolan’s involvement in a JLA film always seemed highly unlikely. But according to the Times’ sources, this came as a crushing blow to Warner Bros., which had been hoping to rope Nolan in to the Justice League picture, hopefully hitting screens in 2015. The DC strategy will be the opposite of Marvel’s — launch a Justice League film, and then spin off all the League members into their own solo films.

(What this will mean for Henry Cavill’s Superman is unclear — would he be in a Justice League film and then more solo films, or would the League launch a new Superman as well as new versions of all the other heroes?)

But now that Nolan’s officially said no to the League, DC has to find a new creative partner to launch its counterpart to the Avengers. Talking to the Times, Warner Bros.’ Jeff Robinov sounds a hopeful note, saying he hopes they’ll be able to announce “the plan for the next DC movies” in the next month or so.

You bummed? And if you could will another DC franchise into movie existence, what would it be?