‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer #3: Superman is a Dick

Yeah. I don’t know. Zack Snyder really doesn’t fucking get Superman (or Batman, or Watchmen, or strong female characters). And despite Snyder always proving this, I’m always annoyed. Like, what the fuck is this clip? Whatever. Fuck.


Even though the various current DC Comics-based live-action projects operate in separate fictional worlds (movies on one side, TV shows on multiple other sides), Warner Bros. isn’t going to waste an opportunity for cross-promotion. Thus new footage shown of the upcoming“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” which aired during tonight’s midseason finale of“Gotham” on Fox, and has already made its way online.

In the 35-second clip, a shackled Batman is confronted by Superman — who disdainfully unmasks him. It’s a quick sneak, but there’s much more to come on Wednesday, with the full trailer reveal set for ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” as revealed by the “Batman v Superman”Twitter account.