IMAGE: There Is More Water On JUPITER’S MOON EUROPA Than Earth.

We don’t quite treat our water supply here on Earth with much respect. No worries though. I mean, what can we do? As a Western culture? Drawback? Pah! Cut down on our corpulence? Pah! We just need to head to Europa.


Remember that image from a few weeks back that showed Earth with all its watergathered up in a sphere beside it?  Well here’s that image again, only this time, it also features Jupiter’s moon Europa, along with all of  its  water. Notice anything interesting?

Based on data acquired by  NASA’s Galileo satellite, astronomers think the global oceans sloshing around beneath Europa’s icy exterior are likely 2–3 times more voluminous than the oceans here on Earth. Not 2–3 times more proportionally, 2–3 times more in  total volume.

Yeah. That “little” moon is packing quite the supply of H2O – and with it, scientists think, a significant chance of harboring life.