Sony Files Patent For GAME-INTERRUPTING Advertisements. Oh Lawd.

Wouldn’t this be some shit! Sony has filed a patent for a mechanism or some kind of wizardry that interrupts Tommy Jerkin’ Loins’ game of Uncharted 3  to push soda pop. My goodness.

The Sixth Axis:

You know when you wake up and you’re half asleep and you see a story and think ‘no, that’s ridiculous’ and ignore it? And then it’s still there an hour later? Yeah, so this is one of those stories. Are you ready?

A few months ago Sony filed a patent application to allow their systems to stop play and show you adverts. In the middle of playing. By stopping it. It’s an application, so hopefully it won’t be granted and even if it is it doesn’t mean that they’ll ever use it. They won’t. Ever.

Right? I mean, I’ll drink Mtn Dew until the cows come home, but stop my run on Tony Hawk HD to show me an advert for that fizzy green toxic juice and I’ll be throwing my console through the nearest window.

It talks about slowing down the game, showing a flashing light, pausing it and then running the advert before rewinding the game back a bit and then kicking off again. It’s like all my nightmares in one application.

Jesus, no. Allah, no. Odin, no.